“The classroom management seminar was one of the most immediately useful workshops taken to date. Even after 20 years of education!”  Renee Matson

“I was going to retire this year, tired of all the nonsense and students who don’t pay attention. This seminar has given me some great ideas to put into my classroom, I think I will be around a few more years. Thank you!”  Alice

Terry’s influence on me as both one of my university mathematics education professors and later as a colleague shaped me into a teacher who values problem solving, multiple strategies, a quest to instill conceptual understanding in my students, and a strong content knowledge, leaving me confident to evaluate resources for their effectiveness and implement what was best for my students.

Terry has a way of challenging you to think beyond what you currently believe about teaching in order to investigate alternative ways which may better meet students’ needs; remaining where you are is not an option. 

Terry was the co-project investigator for the best professional development opportunity I have ever been a part of:  the Missouri Mathematics Leadership Academies. Working with other professionals to develop lessons and then teach them to our participant teachers stretched me to seek out the best resources and absolute best ways to explain the concepts we were seeking to get across to our participants. Having the time to deeply think about lessons collaboratively with other educators was a rare treat and simply invaluable.  I still use the lessons we developed during these academies in my classroom currently.

Terry will be sure to present you with the latest ideas for teaching and learning mathematics. His connections with other professionals around the world have provided me with unique opportunities I would never have had otherwise.  Bethany Johnston


I have collaborated with Terry on a wide variety of programs in Missouri, during his years at the University of Central Missouri. Among other things, he and I were Co-Directors of three different versions of a Missouri Mathematics Academy; one each for Elementary (2005-2007), Middle (2008-2010) and Secondary (2008 – 2010). He also provided dozens of other workshops for teachers in our state, and spoke at dozens of state, regional, and national NCTM conventions. Both he and his leadership skills are missed here in Missouri.

Terry is an excellent and inspiring speaker, but he is especially effective as a facilitator of workshop and professional development opportunities. He provides good perspective, has a good sense of humor, and allows & encourages teachers to grow in a safe environment. He relates well to teachers and staff members that are in his workshops and empowers other teachers who may be assisting, as well. Needless to say, I highly recommend him!   Larry Campbell

Terry is one of those rare teachers who understands his expertise at such a level, he can seamlessly dispense confidence and working knowledge to students and math teachers alike. He is patient, kind, and respectful of his subject and his students. Anyone who tutors under him will, I daresay, never hate math again.  Julie Rogers

“This trainer provided valuable information for teachers. This seminar was informative and enjoyable. I have seen a major turnaround in my student’s behavior and self-esteem using these ideas.”  Donna Ledbetter

“I really can’t wait to get back to school and try the ideas!”  Helen M. Steward

“Your presentation was Awesome! You brought energy, fun, and excitement to the presentation and all of us who attended have not looked back. You have truly helped me to create the environment in which we want our kids to learn.”  Johnny A.

Terry is an incredibly gifted teacher educator, who adeptly manages a group of adults and helps them to learn more about things that they have been teaching for years. He does all of this with a smile, and leaves his audience always wishing for more.  Dustin Jones

“This was one of the most valuable trainings I have ever been to! These ideas make so much sense. I see this working for a majority of our students and even my special education kids!”

“I loved it, and I’ll use it, good job!”  C. Jay Garvin-Merz

“Good pace! Exciting presentation; animation, movement, and real life examples were really helpful. Information will be useful and applicable.”

“Awesome seminar!”  Chondra J

“I am a student teacher, and today was my first day “on the job”. I could not think of more valuable thing to learn at the beginning of a stressful time in my own education. Thank you!”

“A great speaker. I loved the firm, concrete examples of reaction to behavior.”

Classroom Management

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